Black Cat White Cat – an eye-popping parade of felines and opposites

th-7An eye-popping parade of felines teach children basic spatial and temporal opposites.

Bibliographic Info:  Murphy, Chuck  Black Cat White Cat  Little Simon (1998) 10pp  $13.95  Formats:  Hardcover, ISBN-13: 978-0689814150  Interest Level: babies – 8 years old  Genre: Pop-Up  Themes: Cats, Opposites

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Summary:  Black Cat White Cat is a pop-up book that features a simple, yet compelling formula.  On the first page sits a proud black cat. The text reads “Black cat.”  Open the cat/flap and out jumps “White cat” (with corresponding text).  The parade of cats continue to the end of the story with pages such as “High cat”, “Low cat”, “Yes cat, “No cat”, etc…  The final page turn transforms “Young cat” to “Old cat”.

th-12Review:  In the irresistible Black Cat White Cat, Chuck Murphy delivers a juxtaposition of felines and opposites.  This parade of meowing pop-ups cultivates cognitive development while being highly entertaining and engaging.  Murphy is a true master of the pop-up  format.  With Black Cat White Cat, Murphy strikes a formula that makes this title one of his best.  The author/illustrator’s pop-up illustrations effectively communicate a variety of basic opposites.  Kids who already understand these simple opposites will still enjoy Murphy’s unique display of writing and paper engineering genius.  The final page turn is worth the price of the book as “Young cat” magically transforms to “Old cat”.

Storytime:  Black Cat White Cat will make children purr with happiness during storytime.  When delivered as a call and response game, a basic rhythm emerges from the text.  Just have kids repeat each cat phrase, then reveal the opposite (“Black cat”, “White cat”, “Day cat”, “Night cat”, etc…)

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I chose this book to include on because kids respond automatically to its rhythmic text and colorful pop-up reveals.

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