Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site – captivating rhymes and appealing characters abound


One by one, the mighty trucks on a construction site begin to shut down and rest for the day.

Bibliographic Info:  Lichtenheld, Tom & Rinker, Sherri D. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site Simon & Schuster (2011) 32pp.  Formats: Hardcover, ISBN: 978- 0811877824 $16.99, iBook, Kindle, Audible, Audio CD, App  Grade Level Equivalent: 3.4  Interest Level: preK-K  Genre: Bedtime, Rhyming  Themes: Building and Construction, Vehicles

Summary:  From bulldozer to dump truck, the mighty trucks on a construction site begin to shut down and rest for the day.  After each character performs its final job, it drifts off to dream land.

StorytimeWow_FinalLogo-1Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site was given StorytimeWOW’s Marquee Seal on May 12th, 2015.  This book has been selected for the Picture BookWOW and AppWOW collections on this site.

th-2Review:  In this picture book gem, the setting sun casts a glowing light across the construction site as all the hardworking trucks shut down for the day.  One by one, story readers and listeners meet a colorful cast of truck personalities, including Crane Truck, Cement Mixer, Dump Truck, Bulldozer, and Excavator.  While celebrating the joy of being a truck on a construction site, the story’s highly rhythmic verse casts a glowing light on the characters as well.  The book’s gentle and textured oil pastel illustrations are unforgettable.  This heartwarming picture book belongs on your family truck fan’s bookshelf.

th-1Storytime:  This picture book makes an ideal read-aloud for vehicle-themed or bedtime-themed storytimes.  It will definitely appeal to all those car and truck-loving toddlers and preschoolers.  It also makes an excellent bedtime book.  Ask children to help you tell the story during the “Goodnight” part of each truck’s mini-chapter.  Say something like “Cement Mixer is going to sleep!  What wish can we all send to Cement Mixer?”  Prompt kids to echo “Goodnight Cement Mixer!” 

th-5Read-alikes:  Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle, Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?, by Brianna Caplan Sayres, Giraffes Can’t Dance, by Giles Andreae

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Why I chose to review this book?  This pajama storytime read-aloud’s captivating rhymes and appealing characters make for excellent group programming and bedtime  reading.

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Written by Tom Schween, founder of storytimeWOW!

Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This App – an interactive storytelling extension for the popular Pigeon books

thMo Willems meets Mad Libs to create a ridiculously fun and interactive storytelling experience for kids.

Bibliographic Info:  Willems, Mo  Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This App  Hyperion (2011)  Formats: $6.99,  App  Interest Level: PreK-Grade 1  Genre: Comedy and Humor, Spin-off Apps

Summary:  Don’t Let The Pigeon Run This App! is a spin-off of the popular Pigeon series by Mo Willems that began with Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.  With this animated app, children can listen to a randomly generated story featuring the famous Pigeon character or create an origth-1inal story.  Older kids get to use their imaginations and add original vocal pieces to the story, while little kids can play along by answering multiple-choice questions.  Kid’s voices are recorded for playback within the context of the story. The app also features a tutorial about how to draw the Willem’s star pigeon.

th-6Review:  Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This App appeals to kids of all ages by presenting users with three types of entertaining story experiences.  These experiences, which range from passive to highly interactive, include:  a pure listening experience, a multiple-choice fill-in-the-blank experience, and a Mad Lib-style voice recording experience.  One nice feature is the app’s “vault” which children can use to save their favorite story creations.  The app includes a wonderful “Draw With Mo” feature that teaches users how to draw the Pigeon character.  The app is brimming with Mo Willems’s silly and exaggerated comedic style.  For example, the child’s “Draw With Mo” drawing later appears in the story as a “priceless piece of art.”  Users may also take a pic of their Pigeon creation to save for posterity.  While this app is both highly engaging and entertaining (for kids of all ages), the number and variety of experiences the user may have with it are limited.

th-2Storytime:  After reading Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, shift to this fun spin-off app to add a storytelling extension that will deepen children’s narrative awareness.  In the app, prompt groups to answer fill-in-the-blanks to create an original (and ridiculously funny) story, then play it back for your group.

Play-alikes: The Monster at the End of This Book (the Little Golden Book, eBook and App), The Wheels on the Bus (App) by Duck Duck Moose

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I chose to review this app because it came from the genius comedic mind of Mo Willems.

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Baby Beluga – an enchanting sing-along classic about a plucky little whale

th-20An enchanting sing-along classic about a plucky little whale that doubles as a child’s first environmental lesson.

Bibliographic Info:  Raffi  Baby Beluga  Crown Books for Young Readers (1997)  32pp  $6.99 Formats:  Board Book, Paperback ISBN-13: 978-0517709771  Reading Level: 2.2  Interest Level: preK-2  Genre: Sing-along/Music, Animal Stories  Themes: Animals, Under the Sea, Fish/Marine Life

th-21Summary:  Baby Beluga takes listeners along on a day in the life of a little white whale.  Baby Beluga swims, spouts and sings wild and free with his mother and his marine animal friends in this rhythmic and catchy sing-along.

StorytimeWow_FinalLogo-1Baby Beluga was given the StorytimeWOW Marquee Seal on May 8th, 2015 and has been selected for PictureBookWOW collection at

th-23Review:  Baby Beluga is Raffi’s popular and beloved sing-along and musical storybook classic.  The song’s rhythm is catchy and easy to sing.  The book’s illustrations are a joy to behold.  And, the story of the “little white whale on the go” is a cheerful celebration of childhood.  It’s also an endearing lesson about the interdependence of all life on Earth that underlines the importance of ocean preservation.  Join Baby Beluga for a “wild and free” day that includes a child’s first environmental lesson in Raffi’s cherished sing-along story.

Storytime:  Baby Beluga swimming “wild and free” with his mother in the “deep blue sea” makes a wondrous addition storytime!  This classic sing-along favorite is upbeat and catchy.  In storytime, all you have to do is press play, turn the pages, sing and encourage children to sing with you.  Baby Beluga will work as a regular weekly element (such as a feel-good closing song).  I also recommend that you find a beluga whale puppet for children to pet as they exit.

th-25Significance:  Raffi is a highly successful children’s recording artist.  Through his live performances, award-winning music, concerts and DVDs, Raffi has engaged and entertained generations through his prolific career.

Read-alikesFive Little Ducks by Raffi, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by John Archambault, Whole World by Christopher Corr

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I had to include this awesome sing-along and storybook on because Baby Beluga is classic storytime gold.

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Written by Tom Schween