Early Childhood Education & Development Topics

3The recommendation posts on storytimeWOW.com describe how specific materials cultivate early childhood education and development.  Analysis includes the following topics:

  • The Six Pre-Reading Skills taught at your local library (click here)
  • The Five Early-Literacy Parent Practices from Every Child Ready to Read® and KDL: Kent District Library online (click here)
  • The Kindergarten Readiness Checklist at FamilyEducation.com (click here)
  • Guidelines for a Common Core-focused Storytime (click here)
  • Key Experiences for Cognitive Development during the Preschool Years from the High Scope Cognitive Preschool Curriculum (click here)
  • The Four Purposes of Preschool Storytime from the Oakland Public Library’s Books for Wider Horizon (click here)
  • Children’s Learning Styles from Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences (click here)

Written by Tom Schween, founder of storytimeWOW!