Happy, from Big Block Singsong – so many reasons to be happy!

th-1Happy, from Big Block Singsong is a bright and colorful sing-along anthem for storytime. 


Bibliographic Info:  Brown, Warren & Goddard, Adam  Happy, from Big Block Singsong  Disney Junior (2013) Format: Children’s Music Video, DVD, CD  Platform: YouTube, artist’s website  Channel: Disney Junior Official on YouTube  Interest Level: children under 10  Genre: children’s short format TV series  Themes:  Feelings, Emotional Development, Sing-alongs and Musical Stories, Positive Thinking

StorytimeWow_FinalLogo-1Happy, from Big Block Singsong was given StorytimeWOW’s Marquee Seal on March 20th, 2015 and has been selected for the MusicVideoWOW collection.  Read the Storytime section below for details on why it was selected.

th-2Summary:  In this children’s music video, Big Block Singsong (the enjoyable animated musical series) gives watchers and listeners “so many reasons to be happy.”  Sing and dance along to this fun and memorable song with a colorful mix of block-like characters.

Review:  Get ready for an infectious ditty, feel good lyrics and likeable wit.  Brown and Goddard create entertaining musical shorts with unique characters for their Big Block Singsong series.  Happy is one of the best of the bunch.  This animated sing-along also offers a singable chorus and appealing characters.

Storytime:  Happy, from Big Block Singsong feels like it was made for storytime.  By teaching the lyrics and adding movements, the piece will make a great beginning or ending song.  It also functions as a brain break between stories during new media storytimes.  Teach children the chorus, add a movement layer and BOOM, its a song and dance party for your storytime.  Before playing the video, the presenter should practice the lyrics and movements with groups.

th-4Here are the lyrics to the chorus:
Ooo ooo
doo  doo  you  doo
what a beautiful day
what a beautiful view
I’m so happy
And you are too
We’re happy!
Check back for suggested choreography to create a movement layer for storytime.

Happy, from Big Block Singsong meets the StorytimeWOW Standards for Music Videos.  This video:

  • has universal appeal (it’s a big loveable video)
  • has that “WOW” factor (it’s enjoyable for groups of children)
  • is well-suited for repetition (it can be played as a regular element during storytimes)
  • provides viewers with a happy takeaway
  • is free of squirmy moments (this sing-along is highly engaging)
  • hits the storytime target audience’s interest level (young children)
  • includes participation or lends itself to group interaction (teach kids the chorus and add storytimeWOW’s suggested movement layer)

-1Bibliotherapeutic Usefulness:  This sing-along can be used to lift droopy spirits during storytime.  Naming and expressing feelings is a key cognitive development experience for kids during their preschool years, so always encourage children to talk about their feelings.

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Links:  Creator’s website   YouTube   DVD Volume 1-Amazon   Greatest Hits Album

Early Childhood Education and Development:  The following lists the stand-out benefits of Happy across various early childhood education (ECE) and child development checklists.

1.  Happy, from Big Block Singsong provides young children with the opportunity to practice the following Pre-Reading Skills (see full list of pre-reading skills here):

  • Knowing the names of things (vocabulary)
  • Being able to hear and play with smaller sounds in words (phonological awareness)

2.  This video provides opportunities for caregivers to utilize the early literacy-building Parent Practices (see full list of parent practices here):

  • Singing helps children learn new words and vocalize.

3.  This video follows Common Core Guidelines (see full list here):

  • Integrate more new media materials and technology.  Cultivate media literacy by modeling media literacy behaviors.
  • Create a more participatory culture in group programs and classroom settings.  Use materials that invite participation and keep learners engaged.

Why I Chose to Review this Video:  Curating a collection of storytime videos is a really cool project.  It’s something I have been thinking about for over a decade!  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to make it happen as part of my grad school program at SJSU.  This Big Block Singsong video feels like it was made for storytime.  By teaching the lyrics and adding some movements, the piece will make a great beginning or ending song.

3Make Reading More Fun

Written by Tom Schween, founder of storytimeWOW!