Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes – stay cool

6871646Wearing cool white shoes, Pete accidentally steps in piles of colorful wet stuff.  Will this get Pete down?

Litwin, Eric (author), Dean, James (illustrator) Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes (2010)  Harper Collins ISBN 978-0- 06-190622-0  32pp. $16.99  Formats:  Hardcover  Paperback  iBook for iPad App  Kindle  CD   Reading Level / Grade Level Equivalent: 2  Interest Level: preK – 2  Genre: Comedy and Humor  Major Themes: Cats, Colors, Music, Numbers and Math, Positive Thinking, Resourcefulness


Walking down the street, Pete starts singing about how much he loves his brand new white shoes. Unknowingly, the cool feline steps into big piles of colorful things throughout the story that change the color of his shoes. Pete welcomes the changes, stays cool, and keeps on singing.

StorytimeWow_FinalLogo-1Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes was given the StorytimeWOW Marquee Seal on March 19th, 2015.  This book meets the StorytimeWOW Standards and has been selected for the PictureBookWOW and Picture eBookWOW collections on this site.  Read the Storytime section below for tips on using this material in your storytime.

Review:  Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes is a storytime winner whose hero stays upbeat and positive despite stepping in all kinds of colors while wearing his new shoes.  The book comes with its own catchy song which is available for download.  After I read and sang this book with several classrooms, a Pete the Cat craze swept across the school.  The book was a huge hit with students aged 3 to 7 and their teachers.  I also read the equally enjoyable Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons (and there are many more Pete the Cat books to explore in this series).  For teachers and parents, Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes teaches addition and Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons tackles subtraction. The illustrations (including Pete’s cool expressions) are easy-to-see from a distance and the colors are vibrant.  The iBook format of Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes is a welcome addition to new media storytime.


There are many repeated elements in all the Pete the Cat stories.  Children will enjoy being cued to help you tell the tales.  During group programs, you can also sing-along with free Pete the Cat songs available for download at Harper Collins. Children will find it easy to pick up the choruses and it’s fun watching kids jam along with Pete’s cool vibe.  If your kids love Pete (and they will), I recommend downloading more free goodies while visiting his webpages at Harper Collins. Pete the Cat stickers add more fun to the reading experience. An awesome plush doll makes a groovy addition to any storytime corner.
Performance Tips:

i-love-my-blue-shoesCreate interactive sing-alongs with the free Pete the Cat songsIf you’re reading one-on-one, just hit play and follow along with the story.  If you want to have an interactive musical group experience, I recommend reading the verses live and playing the music during choruses for singing-along (edit out the verses with a program like Garage Band). Here are the steps to follow:

  1. get the iBook or get the printed book and download the song from the Pete the Cat website (as per the book’s instructions)
  2. drag and drop the song file into Garage Band
  3. edit out the verses and string together the choruses (with 2 seconds in between each chorus for pausing)
  4. name, save and send your new song file to your iTunes library 
  5. add the file to your storytime playlist
  6. bring your playlist of music to storytime on your device (I use my iPad or iPhone)
  7. during storytime, sync your playlist with audio speakers (you can be wired or go wireless with bluetooth)
  8. pause the song while reading the verses
  9. play the song when you reach its sing along-friendly chorus parts

petethecat2Bibliotherapeutic Usefulness:  Pete the Cat is an extremely likable role model for children. The blue feline hero consistently looks for and finds the sunny side of life.  He models resourcefulness and emotional strength (even when life hands him lemons).


Read-alikes:  Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons (2012),  Hello, Goodbye Window (2006), A Ball for Daisy (2012), Charlie Parker Played Be Bop, an introduction to the great saxophone player and composer Charlie Parker (1997).

Links:  Eric Litwin’s website   James Dean’s website (   Publisher’s Pete the Cat website    Scholastic    teaching ideas

Significance/Honors:  2010 #1 New York Times bestseller

Other Reviews:  Goodreads   Kirkus

Why I chose it:  I chose to review the Pete the Cat books because I am always looking for great storytime materials and these books come with their own catchy songs.  Musical stories often make great storytime programming.

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Written by Tom Schween, founder of storytimeWOW!