The Benefits of Music Videos

3The rise of 21st century online video platforms (such as the ubiquitous YouTube and Vimeo) have paved the way for a proliferation of children’s music video channels.  Short videos on these channels have the potential to enrich our storytimes, our children’s classrooms and other programs for groups.  Such channels represent a largely untapped resource for edutainment material.

When integrated strategically and thoughtfully in children’s programming, children’s music videos may provide additional benefits (to children, parents and caregivers).  Using video may also indirectly benefit information professionals, teachers and the institutions in which they work.  For example, a music video layer in a program has the potential to:

  • engage visual-spatial, musical, and bodily-kinesthetic learners
  • cultivate varied forms of intelligence
  • more effectively reach digital natives (especially visual learners) through more current media platforms (on their turf)
  • lengthen attention spans
  • broaden knowledge of the world we live in today
  • create more relevant 21st century programs
  • heighten the edutainment quality and production value of a program


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3Make Reading More Fun

Written by Tom Schween, founder of storytimeWOW!