The Doll People – a story that doll lovers will treasure

The+Doll+PeopleAfter a hundred years, porcelain meets plastic when a new family of dolls moves into the dollhouse.

Bibliographic Info:  Martin, A. M., Godwin, L., & Selznick, B., The Doll People Hyperion Books for Children (2000)  Formats: Hardcover ISBN: 978-0786812400, Paperback, Audible. 288 pages  Price: $7.99  Reading Level / Grade Level Equivalent: 3.8  Interest Level: 3-9  Genre: Series, Fantasy  Major Themes: Change, Families, Toys

th-6Summary:  When the Funcrafts move into the dollhouse, Annabelle Doll’s quiet world is turned upside down.  Two very different families must now share the dollhouse, one is vintage and the other is modern.  The porcelain Doll family is reserved and the plastic Funcrafts are dauntless.  The story centers on the friendship between Annabelle Doll and Tiffany Funcraft who go on a perilous mission to find Annabelle’s lost Aunt.

th-4Illustration Review:  Selznick’s graphite illustrations wittingly portray the personalities that inhabit the dolls. His illustrations achieve the impressive feat of conveying both contemporary and nostalgic moods. Selznick’s theatrical flair can be seen in the book’s imaginatively conceived borders. These borders also reinforce the book’s old-fashioned doll theme.  The Doll People is an illustrated novel that every doll lover will treasure.

th-5Significance:  The Doll People is the first in a series of three books that also includes The Meanest Doll in the World and The Runaway Dolls.

Read-alikes:  The Invention of Hugo Cabret (2007), Wonderstruck (2011), The Houdini Box (2001)

Links:  Illustrator’s Website, Scholastic, Ann M. Martin’s Official Website,

Awards:  2002 Maryland Children’s Book Award (Intermediate Category)

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Why I chose it:  Plastic living dolls move in with old-fashioned porcelain dolls.  What a great concept!

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