Too Many Toys – “BUT I LOVE THEM ALL!”

th-6Spencer has tons of toys and his parents think its time to downsize.

Bibliographic Info:  Shannon, David  Too Many Toys  Blue Sky Press (2008)  Formats:  Hardcover ISBN: 978-0439490290, Paperback, Audio CD, Audible. 32 pages.  Price: $9.99  Reading Level / Grade Level Equivalent: 2.4  Interest Level: preK-3  Genre: Comedy and Humor, Read Aloud  Major Themes:  Conflict Resolution, Toys, Growing Up, Moms and Dads

th-2Summary:  In Too Many Toys, Spencer loves his toys and he has a ton of them.  Unfortunately, he has so many that they have become a household hazard. One day after Spencer’s father painfully trips on a toy (a self-portrait by Shannon), and  Spencer’s mother announces that Spencer must get rid of some toys.  This announcement is met with an emotional protest.  The boy puts up a dramatic defense for every toy his mom suggests losing.  Finally, when mom threatens Spencer with a loss of tv for a week, he agrees to fill the box that mom picks out.  But when the time comes to take the box to the car, mom finds it has been dumped out all over the hallway. Too many toys!  Spencer explains that the box the toys were in is actually the best toy of all (and he cannot part with it).

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th-3Review:  Too Many Toys is another one of David Shannon’s instant children’s book classics.  It’s very highly rated by many professional review sources and kids will want to read it again and again.  Brightly colored acrylic illustrations reflect Shannon’s trademark style and take readers and listeners on Spencer’s and his parent’s fun, yet emotional rollercoaster.

Storytime: th-5  Too Many Toys does not include the kind of repetitive elements that are great for engaging kids in storytime, but it does include a lot of comedy and a compelling child-centered theme.  The story itself will engage preschoolers and kindergarteners through third graders.  Its built-in humor can be the tool with which you engage kids (just use dialogic reading and get them involved in the story).  Spend some time finding the funny bits and guide your listeners to experience them.

Bibliotherapeutic Usefulness:  Parents who want to have the “too many toys” discussion with their kids can use this book to prompt a dialogue.

th-4Read-alikes:  No, David! (1998), Alice the Fairy (2004), Good Boy, Fergus! (2006)

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Why I chose it:  I chose to review Too Many Toys because its humor and child-centered theme makes it an excellent choice for storytime.

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