Article: What is Storytime?

There are many valid ways to answer.  For example, one could…

  • define storytime as a tool for cultivating literacy.
  • place storytime in its historical context and relate it to storytelling over time.
  • define one-on-one storytime as an important routine in a young child’s emotional development… an opportunity for primary caregivers to build basic trust with children through two-way communication and unconditional love.
  • focus on how group storytime prepares young children for school.
  • share the traditional elements of storytime to convey its building blocks.

Here’s the best answer:

Storytime is a Magic Carpet Ride

Yes, a magic carpet ride!  FUN!Children are your passengers and you are the captain.

In other words, the highest purpose of storytime is to make reading fun.  In so doing, children’s developing brains grow to connect books and learning with fun (and those neural pathways can last a lifetime).


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